Friday, November 12, 2010

do-it-yourself dress-up play area--i did it myself!

So I finally decided to do something sweet & funky myself! The girls' room has been completely bare since we moved in FIVE months ago! so it was time to sweeten it up!

And what else do four girls need but a little dress-up corner?! Here it is:

Cuteness right?!

And yes, those are definitely Target (I ♥ all things Target!)

And it wouldn't be quite so sweet without the precious twins right?! They make everything just a little big sweeter!

So what did I do? It was super simple and only cost me about $8, the rest of the stuff I already had on hand.

I bought:

chipboard letters (on sale at Hobby Lobby for .60 cents a piece): $4.20
2 wooden flower hooks: $2.40
sweet & funky scrapbook paper (x3): $1.80

Stuff at home:

acryllic paints
hot glue
tubs for dress-up clothes

This was so easy! And has made their room so cute!

I took the chipboard letters and traced them onto the paper. Then I painted the edges to match the paper. Next, I cut out the paper letters and then hot glued them to the wooden letters. Done.

How easy is that?! Then I found a spot in their room and designated it "Dress-Up" corner! I used some trusty Target bins for the dress-up funkiness. And DONE!

Fun! Fun!

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