Friday, November 19, 2010

one sweet deal--15% off in my shop

Etsy just made all of our lives' easier...and sweeter! They just rolled out coupon codes. COUPON CODES!!!!

Sooo....what does that mean for you? 15% off at Sweet Funky Love! Just use the coupon code HAPPYTHANKSGIVING at checkout and you'll get the deal! Thank you Etsy!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

sisterly love!

When they're not fighting over "who had it first," they're doing this:

one sweet deal! starbucks 12 days of deals

I couldn't help but share this totally SWEET deal! Today thru November 21st, between 2 pm and 5 pm if you buy one holiday drink you GET ONE FREE! Sweet right?!

On top of THAT great deal, starting December 1st, Starbucks is doing 12 Days of Deals (thanks Money Saving Mom)! You have to have texting to do this but it's gonna be totally worth it! Text 12DAYS to 29943 and you'll get a daily deal text starting on the 1st!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

how to let your kids paint right--lil blue boo

I just read this post over at Lil Blue Boo--she gives a tutorial on "A Guide to Painting with Children"--all I have to say is....FUN!!! Who wouldn't want to do THIS:

Amazing! Head on over to get some tips on how to REALLY let your kids paint and HAVE FUN doing it! I can't WAIT to do this with the girls! They would luh-OVE it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

do-it-yourself dress-up play area--i did it myself!

So I finally decided to do something sweet & funky myself! The girls' room has been completely bare since we moved in FIVE months ago! so it was time to sweeten it up!

And what else do four girls need but a little dress-up corner?! Here it is:

Cuteness right?!

And yes, those are definitely Target (I ♥ all things Target!)

And it wouldn't be quite so sweet without the precious twins right?! They make everything just a little big sweeter!

So what did I do? It was super simple and only cost me about $8, the rest of the stuff I already had on hand.

I bought:

chipboard letters (on sale at Hobby Lobby for .60 cents a piece): $4.20
2 wooden flower hooks: $2.40
sweet & funky scrapbook paper (x3): $1.80

Stuff at home:

acryllic paints
hot glue
tubs for dress-up clothes

This was so easy! And has made their room so cute!

I took the chipboard letters and traced them onto the paper. Then I painted the edges to match the paper. Next, I cut out the paper letters and then hot glued them to the wooden letters. Done.

How easy is that?! Then I found a spot in their room and designated it "Dress-Up" corner! I used some trusty Target bins for the dress-up funkiness. And DONE!

Fun! Fun!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

100% sweetness!

I can't have a blog about Sweet & Funky without including my four chicas! They are just so sweet!

I can't help but think FUNKY when I see their hair! Hello morning hair! =)

diy wallets--leafy treetop spot

I found this cute blog--Leafy Treetop Spot--that has such sweet stuff! One of my favorites is this Do-It-Yourself paper wallet:

Isn't that so cute?! And if you know how to sew (which I don't), you can totally make this yourself. I may have to try to make one of these "no sew." Check out the tutorial here! And while you're at it, check out the rest of her site. It's pretty great!

Monday, November 8, 2010

"thanks" board--the crafting chicks

This is such a great idea--it's frugal and it's super sweet! And you can even make it a little funky if you want! Money Saving Mom shared the link to The Crafting Chicks and this project that they did. Ah-mazing! Love it! See:

Isn't that totally cute? Here's the link to the tutorial at The Crafting Chicks!

reindeer pops--bakerella is one of my favorite, FAVORITE baking sites. I just love her. She comes across so super sweet and humble and she does AMAZING work, not to mention she takes AMAZING photographs. See?

Aren't these just the best? They're included in her "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" post where she tells us all how to make these great Reindeer Cake Pops and Santa Hat Cake Pops and Christmas Tree Cake Pops!

She has oodles of delicious recipes (her lemon bars are the BEST) and she always tells you exactly how make them. Have I mentioned...I just love her!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

funky baby elf hat--delight crochet

Have you ever seen anything sweeter than this?! Char over at Delight Crochet makes these amazing crochet hats, headbands and flowers! She does beautiful work! This new hat that she has is just so cute I can hardly stand it! It's perfect for the cold weather that's just around the corner and even MORE perfect for the Christmas season! If you're looking for something funky like this, head on over to Char's shop and check it out!

funky t-shirt aprons--ruffles and stuff

How amazing are these T-shirt aprons from Ruffles and Stuff?! She is absolutely amazing with the stuff she does and will probably be featured here...a LOT! I wish I was half as creative and artsy as she is!

She gives an amazing tutorial here on how to make super cute, super funky aprons out of your old (or new) t-shirts!

If you have a few minutes (or hours!) you should check out the rest of her I said, she's amazing!